Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6 Blog

A quick catch-up after a glorious evening at King’s House, the home of the Governor General. This was a “cultural evening” on the grounds surrounded by beautiful trees, with great food, most enjoyable folk music and dramatic readings, and the guests who included all of us from the ACC, the local clergy and bishops with spouses, the diplomatic corps, civic leaders, justices and industry leaders…my goodness, there will be no talking to me when I return. Not often one gets opportunities like this! It really was a great way to see Jamaican society in all its glory, and also get flavours of the culture.

The morning was spent in discernment groups, once again looking at the Covenant and the recommendations from the Windsor Continuation Group. The conversation is difficult, and now that we are trying to move towards some actual decisions via resolutions, it must get more pointed. There still are some major differences on both these topics, so we have much more hard work to do to come to a conclusion. Some suggestions are emerging, but it will be hard to find consensus.

Two features of the afternoon:
the Constitution that our Council of General Synod had accepted with one change passed without change by the required 2/3 majority of provinces…so we are too late. However, the proposal to involve all the Primates in the ACC died a quiet death.
Philip Poole arrived yesterday from Toronto and presented today well, very well, on the Compass Rose Society. Canadians are really contributing to the work of the Communion.

I’m probably babbling because I’m tired. Time to give up and prepare for tomorrow, where the focus is on ecumenical links. Talk to you soon.

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